Ms. Naylor's Class
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There are many things that 3rd graders will learn

and while we're at it we're sure to have fun. 


Check back periodically to see what's at store.

And hopefully,we'll soon be eating some S'mores.


Every year I pick a classroom theme.

This year it'll be camping, so think brown and green.

Homework is assigned everyday Monday-Thursday, never on Friday’s.

Students are responsible for recording their homework assignments each day in their daily assignment planner. Students should plan to spend approximately 30 minutes to an hour every evening on homework. If homework takes longer than an hour on a regular basis, please let me know.



Homework Affects Your Child's Conduct Grade!
I check to make sure homework has been turned in daily.

A conduct mark will be given for each assignment missed.


Here are some tips for helping your child with homework:

  • Have a weekly meeting with your child to plan out homework.
  • Use your child's assignment planner to set a schedule for the week.
  • Set a timer for your child; have him/her estimate how long each assignment will take. Timing each assignment helps to keep the child on task.
  • Review your child's planner EVERY night.
  • If homework is taking too long, it could be because he/she's not finishing work in school, finds the concepts too difficult, has difficulty concentrating, or is disorganized.
  • Try to figure out what exactly is the problem.
  • The primary role of a third grade parent is to help work through the problems.
  • The purpose of homework is to practice.


 One of the first responsibilities of a 3rd grade student will be earning and completing a classroom job. Jobs help students gain a desire to help and be contributing parts of our classroom. Each job has hidden benefits that eventually lead to building character traits amongst each student.


There are three criteria for earning a job.

          1. You must have an A, B, or C in conduct the week before you apply.

            2. You must have your A.R. goals.

            3. Your classroom job must never get in the way of your TOP priority (LEARNING).


Classroom Job Descriptions


                                        Park Rangers/Scout Leaders

This is the top job each week. This job is the only job that is picked by Ms. Naylor. Each Monday Ms. Naylor will choose two deserving students to be her special helpers. While they have special jobs like being the line leaders, passing out papers, and helping around the class, the main benefit will come from the opportunity to serve as students of the week and do the following daily activities:  


Secretary Squirrel

This job is exactly what it  sounds like. With all the teaching and learning going on, there's no wonder that Ms. Naylor needs help getting things done. The secretary squirrel deals with all the paperwork that is easy enough for students to do, like lunch count and attendance. The secretary squirrel is also 
                                                          responsible for running errands.


Moose Monitors

Talk about responsibility, this is one of the most important jobs there is. They help make sure that every student in the class follows the rules in the hallway, cafeteria, and restroom. Strict monitoring and reporting rules will apply and NO EXCEPTIONS to hallway rules will be permitted.  


Lightning Bug Lieutenant

There will be some times when Ms. Naylor will need someone to take names and monitor whether the class is quiet enough. For example: when a visitor stops by, when she has to take a call,  or when she has to step into the hallway.  


Pick-Up Porcupine

Do you like cleaning your room? Imagine if you had to clean up after 20 or 25 kids!!!! Pick-Up Porcupines play an important part of our classroom. They are responsible for making sure our classroom stays neat and tidy.

Other Jobs Include: Fix it Foxes, Book Beavers, & Rescue Racoons

We have so much fun in 3rd Grade !

 Check out some of the highlights below. ​

Kiroli Park Field Trip


Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo




Cat in the Hat/ Dr.Suess' Birthday Week


Ice Cream (Hot Fudge Sundae, Banana Split, or Oreo Cookie Blast?) Party 

A day with socks on .................. A day with socks off

(A.R. Sock Hop Dance)                    (A Day Without Shoes)

                                                                            (Awareness Campaign)



Surgery Week

            Dr. French preps her surgical team.             They carefully examine the MRI.            Dr.Inabnet & Dr.Zambie prepare for surgery.

    Dr. Stewart's Team is ready!       It Looks like the patient's       Collaboration Works Best!        The patient survived!!!

                                           right leg is broken.






 Abscences & Early Check Outs

Monroe City Schools, Sallie Humble, and I truly value your child's education.  Instructional time is very precious and for that reason we try to cut down on missed time by asking parents to schedule doctors appointments during non-school days. Homework and Classwork will however be excused IF a doctor's note is brought in. My classroom policy on homework is that I only give homework at 3:05 when all my lessons have been taught. If your child has to check out early, they may get their homework the next day if they have a doctor's excuse.







Social Studies

Social Studies study guides go home each Monday.

Tests are every Friday.