Ms. Naylor's Class
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There are many things that 3rd graders will learn

and while we're at it we're sure to have fun. 


Kiroli Park Field Trip


Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo



Cat in the Hat/ Dr.Suess' Birthday Week


Ice Cream (Hot Fudge Sundae, Banana Split, or Oreo Cookie Blast?) Party 

A day with socks on .................. A day with socks off

(A.R. Sock Hop Dance)                    (A Day Without Shoes)

                                                                            (Awareness Campaign)



Surgery Week

            Dr. French preps her surgical team.             They carefully examine the MRI.            Dr.Inabnet & Dr.Zambie prepare for surgery.

    Dr. Stewart's Team is ready!       It Looks like the patient's       Collaboration Works Best!        The patient survived!!!

                                           right leg is broken.




 Abscences & Early Check Outs

Monroe City Schools, Sallie Humble, and I truly value your child's education.  Instructional time is very precious and for that reason we try to cut down on missed time by asking parents to schedule doctors appointments during non-school days. Homework and Classwork will however be excused IF a doctor's note is brought in. My classroom policy on homework is that I only give homework at 3:05 when all my lessons have been taught. If your child has to check out early, they may get their homework the next day if they have a doctor's excuse.