Karissa Bowden Resource-3rd-6th

This school year is off to a great start, and we are already into the 2nd nine weeks. We have been busy working hard on our math, reading, and writing skills.  Each child has a username and password to use a website titled MobyMax. Your child may log into this site away from school as well. Please speak to your child about the importance of having positive behaviors and completing homework and classwork. Just a few other reminders: 1) Encourage your child to read each day 2) Practice math facts 3) Check your child's binder for HW/notes/study guides. 4)Sign and return papers will be sent home on Wednesdays and must be returned the next day. If any problems arise you may contact me via the information below. Thank you for entrusting me with your child. Let's have a great year!

Email: karissa.bowden@mcschools.net
Phone: 318-325-7659