Sallie Humble Library

Welcome to the Sallie Humble Library!

We are looking forward to a great year filled with readers! 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in AR parties if they meet their goal each grading period. Due to our district being on a 9 week grading period schedule, student goals will be higher than if they were on a 6 week schedule. Students must have a 90% average percent correct and reach all of their points in order to meet their Accelerated Reader goal each 9 weeks. 
In addition to their AR goals, students will be able to participate in Louisiana Young Readers Choice Award voting. Students will need to read at least 3 of the books on the list and take a test an AR test on them in order to be able to participate. Voting will take place between January and February of 2016. 

Students will also be able to participate in book challenge. Once students have read 50, 100, etc., books and have taken an AR test on them, they can bring their reading log to the library for me to check over. If everything is correct and they have made a 90% or better on all quizzes, their picture will be taken and go on the library door. Pictures may also be published to the library website so keep a watch to see which students make it!

In addition to these book challenges, we recognize Million Word Readers. The library will host a special party at the end of the school year for students meeting this reading achievement. Students' pictures will also be posted in the library and on the website. 
Students are encouraged to read every day and our library has a variety of books to meet their reading needs. They will enjoy it much more if their parents, grandparents, or guardians read with them.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the school.

Library Contact Information:

Summer Hines