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Test Date: Thursday November 9


Unit 2 ENERGY Study Guide

Light, Heat, & Sound




1. energy: the ability to cause change.

2. kinetic energy: energy of motion

3. thermal energy: the energy of the random motion of particles in matter.

4. temperature: a measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of matter.

5. heat: the transfer of thermal energy from one piece of matter to another.

6. conduction: the transfer of thermal energy caused by particles of matter bumping into each other.

7. convection: the transfer of thermal energy by particles of a liquid or gas moving from one place to another.

8. solar energy: the energy given off by the sun.



SOUND Vocabulary:

9. Sound: energy in the form of vibrations passing through matter.

10. Frequency: number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time.

11. wavelength: distance between a point on a wave and a similar point on the next wave

12. Pitch: how high or low a sound is

13. Volume: a measure of how strong a sound seems to us

14. Amplitude: the height of a wave measured from its midline




15. reflection (example: seeing your face in a mirror)

16. absorption (example: light hitting a wall)

17. refraction (example: light hitting a prism)

18. opaque (example: science book)

19. transparent (example: glass plate)

20. translucent (example: shower door or wax paper)

21. prism (a solid object that bends light; not a lens)